Fliders for Apple Magic Mouse 1/2 (Black)


Fliders for Apple Magic Mouse and Apple Magic Mouse 2 make your mouse move smoother and quieter right on your desk. They protect both your mouse and the surface beneath it.

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Apple’s innovation never seems to quit. This is true with the creation of the world’s first multi-touch mouse better known as the Magic Mouse®. The Magic Mouse® is truly amazing in many ways, but we’ve figured out how to make it even better!

Fliders allow you to use your Magic Mouse® directly on your desk without the need for a mousepad. Both the Magic Mouse® and the surface beneath it are protected from scratches caused by excess wear and tear. You get a smoother, more precise experience and moving the mouse becomes easier and less strenuous. Unleash the true magic of your Magic Mouse® today, with Fliders!

Each package contains two sets of Fliders for the Apple Magic Mouse (4 strips total).

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